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We start by hand trimming each 12 to 17 pound brisket. The excess fat is removed and the cap is separated from the flat.

The brisket is then covered in a dry rub. The rub is from an award winning smoker and simply works. We have tried or own but his has won out every time.

Using a mixture of fruit and hickory wood, the brisket is smoked for between 12 and 14 hours. After, they are left to sit for 3 hours before being carved for serving.

So that’s how we cook brisket, this is why we do it.

Brisket is from the chest muscle of a cow and therefore is very, very tough. 

Because of the muscle content, we need to cook it to an unheard of 200 degrees, Yes! Beef that is cooked to 200 degrees! 

Its only between 175 and 200 degrees will the meat start to break down. To soften, to release its flavour, to be one of the best tasting, melt in you mouth moments that you will always remember.