Pulled Pork

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Pulled Pork

We start with the best quality bone in pork shoulders.

We then inject four cups of our own mix of spices and herbs into each pork shoulder. 

 After sitting for six hours the shoulders are covered in Rick's pork rub that is made from a combination of eight different herbs and spices.

The pork shoulders are then smoked “low and slow” for twelve plus hours until their internal temperature is 200 degrees.

After smoking we glaze on a coating of Rick’s sweet and spicy sauce, leaving them to rest for four to six hours.

The final step is to pull the pork shoulders by hand so each and every bite is pulled pork heaven.

When serving, we finish your pulled pork on our flat top with Rick’s sweet and spicy sauce and then top it off with a custom made sub bun from a small family run local bakery. 

This is how you end up with the best, moist, flavour filled pulled pork sandwich in the universe.