Rick's Sauces


Rick's Sauces

When we started Rick’s we knew we had to be different from other rib joints. 

This and our own need to be the best at what we do meant just one thing. We had to do things differently.

That meant sourcing the best meat, using the best cooking techniques and to do what we thought was right. 

And opening a bottle of some name brand barbecue sauce was not something we were going to do.

So we spent time and effort to developing two different BBQ sauces and the results are Rick’s sweet and spicy sauce and Rick’s Hickory sauce.

Rick’s sweet and spicy sauce is a vinegar based sauce that requires 14 different ingredients. We make it fresh almost every day and it’s used mainly on our ribs and pulled pork.

Rick’s Hickory sauce is a tomato based sauce and requires eight different ingredients. It’s used for our chicken and a must for our grilled cheese pulled pork sandwich. 

I’ve actually watched someone drink it they liked it so much.