What is Texas BBQ


What are the different kinds of Texas barbecue? 

Central Texas is the most popular and is a reflection of its meat market roots. The style began in old meat markets that smoked their leftover raw meat and served it as barbecue. The meat was all sliced in front of the customer and sold strictly by the pound. Butcher paper serves as plates, eating with your hands is encouraged, and sauce is always served on the side. (Rick's style)

Big city barbecue, also called craft barbecue, is becoming its own style with a focus on high-quality brisket served by the pound. The fattier slices from the point of the brisket are especially adored. The big city places also tend to have better sides and more meat options than some of their small town counterparts.

The more traditionally recognized regions are East Texas with its saucy ribs and ultra-tender brisket usually served chopped on a bun. 

In the Hill Country, they cook directly over the coals, so meats are done more quickly and get a unique flavor from fat dripping down into the fire. This is where you'll find items like mutton and cabrito (goat) on the menu. 

South Texas is known for barbacoa de cabeza, or beef head barbacoa. Beef heads are cooked in the ground until tender. The meat is then pulled form the head, chopped and served on tortillas with salsas, cilantro and onion.